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November 2023 is here, and it brings with it a calendar full of exciting national and world days, holidays, and national month themes that offer ample opportunities for small businesses to engage with their customers.

From celebrating and raising awareness to interactive events, this month is packed with potential. Let’s explore the highlights of November and discover ways small businesses can make the most of them.

National Days to Celebrate, Connect, and Engage With Your Customers

1. National Sandwich Day (November 3)

Restaurants, cafes, and delis can celebrate by offering special sandwich deals or running a “Create Your Dream Sandwich” contest. Other small businesses can run photo contests asking followers to share photos of their favorite sandwich. To run this contest, talk it up before November 3.  And when you create posts, make sure to share mouthwatering photos on social media, using #NationalSandwichDay and #DeliciousEats.

2.  National Nachos Day (November 6)

Post on social media your favorite nacho recipe, host a nacho party for your customers, or invite a select group of clients or clients out to a local restaurant that serves nachos.  Or you can highlight a local business that has great nachos and encourage your followers to check them out.  If you plan far enough ahead, you can create a video interview with the owner of the nacho place, or you can create a quick video tour showcasing the local business.  This is a great way to partner with another local business and get more reach and engagement from cross promoting with other businesses.   Here are some popular hashtags to use in your posts:  #NationalNachosDay, #NachoLovers, and #FoodInspiration

3.  National Peanut Butter Fudge Day (November 20)

Post an easy to follow peanut butter fudge recipe, post interesting trivia about peanut butter fudge like it’s history, ingredients or popular variations.  Create partnerships with local food or dessert businesses that make peanut butter fudge. Cross-promote each other to expand your reach.  Or ask your followers to share a favorite memory of a time when they remember eating fudge and loving it.  Offer a unique peanut butter fudge prize for the best story.  Some popular hashtags to include in your posts are #NationalPeanutButterFudgeDay, #Fudgelovers, #TastyTreats.

4. National Entrepreneur’s Day (November 21)

Highlight local entrepreneurs and other small businesses in your community on National Entrepreneur’s Day. Collaborate with other businesses for joint promotions, host a “Meet our Local Entrepreneurs” event, or actively promote the products or services of local entrepreneurs on your social media. Some engaging hashtags to consider with your posts are #EntrepreneurDay and #SupportLocal.

5. National Cake Day (November 26)

Bakeries and dessert shops can organize cake decorating contests, offer special discounts on cake slices or anything related to cakes.  If you don’t own a bakery, fear not.  You can ask your followers to share a photo of their most recent cake, you can share cake-related quotes, share a favorite cake recipe, video yourself making a cake showcasing your bloopers and all, or you can partner with a local bakery to showcase their business, offer gift certificates to their bakery to the first 25 followers who take some action on your social media page. Consider using the following hashtags #NationalCakeDay and #SweetTreats to reach a broader audience in a creative and delicious way.

US Holidays: Building Community and Appreciation

1. Veterans Day (November 11)

Show appreciation for veterans by offering special discounts, freebies, or partnerships with veteran-owned businesses. Highlight a local veteran and encourage others to celebrate the veteran with you.  Another idea is to consider engage with your local military community to promote activities they plan to offer that day.   Remember to boost your reach and further you chance of engage by using hashtags like #VeteransDay and #SupportOurTroops.

2. Thanksgiving Day (November 23)

Create a sense of gratitude on Thanksgiving Day by organizing a “Thanksgiving Thank You” event where you and your team write personalized thank you notes to your customers.  Express your appreciation to other local businesses on your social media pages.  Make sure you tag the business that you appreciate.  Visit a local business and take a photo with the owner or staff members so you can make encourage shopping local.   Foster a sense of community by using hashtags like #Thanksgiving, #Gratitude, and #ShopLocal.

3. Small Business Saturday (November 25)

Celebrate your role in the local economy on Small Business Saturday. Encourage customers to shop small and consider offering exclusive deals, contests, or discounts that are available only to your online audience.  To reach more followers, use hashtags like #ShopSmall #SupportLocal and #SmallBusinessSaturday and make sure to thank your customers.

4. Cyber Monday (November 27)

Leverage your online presence by running special online promotions or contests. Offer exclusive discounts for online shoppers and engage your virtual community.  Consider hosting an event in your business that you promote in advance of Cyber Monday.  Some hashtags you’ll want to include in your social media posts are #CyberMonday and #OnlineShopping.

National Month Themes: Raising Awareness and Giving Back

1. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)

This is a great opportunity for you to partner with local authors and bookstores for book signings, readings, or literary events. If there a particular books that our audience will benefit from, consider offering a few copies as prizes for followers who share about the favorite author and book on your social media pages.  Or, consider hosting a local author to come to your business to share his/her journey as an author.  Allow for questions and answers, promote the event, and plan to make this a great experience for anyone who shows up.  This your opportunity to partner with other businesses while doing something positive for your community. Some hashtags you might to consider using are #NaNoWriMo, #LocalAuthors, and #WritingCommunity.

2. National Adoption Month

Collaborate with local adoption agencies, offer support, and raise awareness about adoption with your followers and in your community. You can host adoption awareness events or if you have a pet-related business, host pet-friendly activities.  Get your audience engaged with the hashtags #AdoptionAwareness and #SupportAdoption.

3. National Diabetes Awareness Month

Promote healthy eating or offer fitness-related services or events to encourage your community to lead a healthier lifestyle. Consider hosting a health expert who can share tips and strategies to lower diabetes and it’s risks.  Or, host a walking event, an exercise class, or a healthy meal out of your business.   If you aren’t a cook, bring in a local chef or caterer who can provide healthy options that are proven to help fight diabetes.  Be part of the solution in any way you.   Some popular hashtags to use in your posts are #DiabetesAwareness, #HealthyLiving #LiveWell.

4. National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month

Raise awareness by hosting informational sessions, fundraisers, or events that support Alzheimer’s research. Encourage your customers to engage and donate to the cause. Provide a list of resources on your website and social media pages.  Since alzheimer’s disease touches so many lives, it’s likely that your customers and followers have personally cared for someone who has struggled through this disease.   Use #AlzheimersAwareness, #EndAlzheimers #StrongerTogether to increase your post reach and engagement.

Small Business Content Calendar November 2023 Laurel Ridge SBDC


November 2023 is a month full of opportunities for small businesses to engage with their customers in meaningful and fun ways.

Whether you’re celebrating national and world days, participating in US holidays, bringing awareness to national month themes, or creating interactive events, you can strengthen your relationship with your community and showcase your commitment to their well-being.  it will take some creative planning in advance but it will be well worth your time.

Know your audience, be creative, spread joy, and make your small business a place for customers to connect, engage, learn, and be cared for during this exciting month.