Project Description 2016-17

Welcome to the RISE (Regional Initiative Supporting Entrepreneurship) showcase forum for entrepreneurs! Join us for a regional initiative on discovery, assistance and support of entrepreneurs in the development of their ventures and in contribution to the economic diversity of our region.

“We are more convinced than ever that our fundamental concept (entrepreneurs drive economies) is right and that healthy communities have a healthy base of entrepreneurs … elements needed to create a nurturing environment for entrepreneurs include information, infrastructure and connections ….”  Christian Gibbons, Director, Business Industry Affairs, City of Littleton, Colorado.

RISE (Regional Initiative Supporting Entrepreneurship) is a program designed to encourage the development of a regional entrepreneurial economy. RISE will provide a forum where entrepreneurs can gain education, exposure, business development support, networking opportunities, sales rehearsals, competition and awards. 

Entrepreneurs seeking education and financial support for their businesses apply, attend classes and then compete for the Judges’ Choice Award by presenting their business to a select panel of judges comprised of business development professionals.  Competitors have up to five minutes to present and up to five minutes for Q&A from judges and the audience.  The Judges’ Choice Award winner will be decided upon by the panel of judges.  The winner will receive a cash award, marketing and promotions packages and other valuable in-kind services.

The second award, People’s Choice Award, will be determined by audience ballot.  There is an entry fee at the door for all audience members.   At the completion of the presentation, the audience will vote on their favorite finalist, and that winner will then be awarded the fees collected at the door.

The goal of RISE is to create a forum for discovering our regional entrepreneurial assets, to develop business assistance and educational programs in support of those assets, to create a diversified regional economy and to partner with our neighboring counties, cities and towns in establishing a regional brand.

RISE Competition
Date: April 18, 2017, 5:30-8:00 pm

Location: The Corron Center at Laurel Ridge Community College