Top 5 Benefits of SBDC

A list of the top 5 benefits for individuals and businesses to working with the Laurel Ridge Small Business Development Center.

Top 5 Benefits of SBDC

There are many benefits to working with the Laurel Ridge SBDC. These are just a few of the most frequently-cited benefits that our clients have identified.

1. Objective Feedback and Advice – from small business experts focused on YOUR best interests

  • Laurel Ridge SBDC staff has nothing to sell or promote
  • There is no membership involved; nothing that you have to join
  • No rigid size restrictions
  • Our goal is to give you accurate, timely and objective feedback

2. Save Time and Errors – clarifying confusion, solving problems, and answering questions

  • Don’t waste time or risk costly errors by acting on issues you don’t understand
  • Use SBDC much like a concierge service – contact us whenever you encounter questions or problems of any type, and we will work to point you in the right direction
  • Some solutions might include linking you to other experts or organizations that are best equipped for your circumstances

3. Connections to critical resources, to highly qualified professionals, and to business organizations or other businesses for networking, teaming or supplier relationships

  • Each Laurel Ridge SBDC staff member has years of experience in small business issues
  • Our staff is familiar with city and county processes, organizations and resources, and can help you make strategic connections
  • We engage specialized consultants that offer additional levels of expertise and support
  • Laurel Ridge SBDC also helps businesses make connections to organizations and other businesses that might be helpful for networking or business development
  • We provide resources that help our clients understand how to operate in your local city or county.

4. Financial Insights – SBDC experts can help you optimize your cash management and/or prepare stronger loan or line of credit applications

  • Every business can benefit from examining their cash flow with theLaurel Ridge SBDC Business Analyst. That analysis, like allLaurel Ridge SBDC services, provides guidance and feedback without cost, and can improve your profitability.
  • Our Business Analyst has many years of banking experience and can guide you on presenting your strongest case to loan officers. You should ALWAYS meet with theLaurel Ridge SBDC Business Analyst BEFORE you approach a lender.

5. Free, Confidential and No Obligation

  • We are here to help you! All Laurel Ridge SBDC resources and services are free, confidential and without obligation.