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A Small Business Guide to Increasing Social Media Engagement

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Using US national days can help small businesses increase social media interaction. National days cover a lot of topics, many that matter to your audience.

National day posts can grab people’s attention, start online conversations, and create real interactions.

And this is key for small businesses because it can grow your brand and build customer loyalty which translates into sales.

Participating in national day conversations can work wonders.

Understanding US National Days

Because national days spark so many online conversations, they actually shape social media and google daily trends. 

Small businesses can use these days to their advantage. But planning is required.

Let’s make National days fun and creative for us all.

March 2024 US National Days Calendar: Daily Post Ideas for Engaging Content

Week 1:

March 1, 2024 – Zero Discrimination Day

    • Advocate for diversity and inclusivity within the workplace or community.
    • Share inspiring stories of individuals who have overcome discrimination.
    • Offer promotions or special events that celebrate diversity and equality.
    • Hashtags to consider: #zerodiscriminationday, #nodiscrimination, #antidiscrimination, #equality

March 3, 2024 – World Hearing Day

    • Raise awareness about hearing health and the impact of hearing loss.
    • Share tips for maintaining healthy hearing and emphasize the importance of regular check-ups.
    • Partner with local audiology professionals to offer educational resources or services.
    • Hashtags to consider: #worldhearingday, #hearingcare, #hearingawareness, #deafawareness

March 6, 2024 – National Oreo Cookie Day

    • Share nostalgic Oreo moments and encourage followers to share their favorite Oreo memories.
    • Host a “twist, lick, and dunk” challenge where followers can showcase creative ways of enjoying Oreos.
    • Collaborate with local bakeries to feature unique Oreo-inspired treats.
    • Hashtags to consider: #nationaloreocookieday, #oreo, #cookielove

March 8, 2024 – International Women’s Day

    • Highlight influential women in history or within the company and initiate discussions on women’s achievements.
    • Showcase products or services that celebrate and empower women.
    • Support a women-focused charity and encourage donations or volunteerism.
    • Hashtags to consider:  #internationalwomensday, #iwd, #womenempowerment, #breakthebias, #celebratewomen

March 10, 2024 – National Pack Your Lunch Day

    • Share easy and healthy lunch recipes or tips for packing nutritious meals.
    • Run a lunchbox photo contest and award the most creative or practical entries.
    • Discuss workplace wellness and the importance of mindful eating.
    • Hashtags to consider:  #nationalpackyourlunchday, #lunchideas, #healthylunch, #lunchbox

Week 2:

March 14, 2024 – National Potato Chip Day

    • Explore unique potato chip flavors and encourage followers to try unusual combinations.
    • Host a “perfect dip pairing” challenge where followers can share their favorite dip and chip combos or their most creative way of eating chips:  IE:  On a sandwich, in soup, or as a salad topper.  Who knows what you might learn.
    • Create lighthearted polls to determine the ultimate potato chip flavor.
    • Hashtags to consider:  #nationalpotatochipday, #potatochips, #crispygoodness, #chipslover, #snackattack

March 16, 2024 – National Panda Day

    • Share fascinating facts about pandas and their conservation efforts.
    • Organize a panda-themed art contest or feature panda-themed products.
    • Partner with wildlife organizations to raise awareness about panda preservation.
    • Hashtags to consider:  #nationalpandaday, #pandabear, #endangeredspecies, #pandalove, #wildlifeconservation

March 17, 2024 – St. Patrick’s Day

    • Host a virtual St. Patrick’s Day party with themed games and activities.
    • Share St. Patrick’s Day traditions or folklore and invite followers to share their own.
    • Offer exclusive St. Patrick’s Day discounts or promotions.
    • Hashtags to consider:  #stpatricksday, #stpattysday, #luckoftheirish, #stpaddysday, #shamrock, #happystpatricksday

Week 3:

March 22, 2024 – National Goof Off Day

    • Share lighthearted content or behind-the-scenes glimpses of the team having fun.
    • Encourage followers to share their favorite ways to unwind or “goof off.”
    • Host a caption contest featuring a humorous image related to your industry.
    • Hashtags to consider:  #nationalgoofoffday, #havefun, #relaxationday, #enjoylife, #unwind

March 23, 2024 – National Puppy Day

    • Share heartwarming stories of rescued or adopted puppies.
    • Host a “paws-itively adorable” photo contest showcasing followers’ beloved pups.
    • Partner with local animal shelters for a virtual adoption event.
    • Hashtags to consider:  #nationalpuppyday, #puppylove, #adoptdontshop, #puppykisses

Week 4:

March 25, 2024 – International Waffle Day

    • Spotlight unique waffle recipes, including international variations.
    • Create a “Waffle Day Challenge” where followers can invent their own waffle creations.
    • Partner with a local café or bakery for a waffle-themed giveaway.
    • Hashtags to consider:  #internationalwaffleday, #waffles, #breakfastofchampions, #wafflelover, #homemadewaffles

March 31, 2024 – Easter Sunday

  • Share useful Easter tips and advice. These could include DIY decoration ideas, Easter meal cooking tips, or family activity suggestions. 
    • Consider running Easter-themed contests or giveaways. You could ask followers to submit their best Easter recipes, crafts, or stories to win a prize. This boosts engagement and participation. Remember to follow the platform’s contest rules closely.
    • Give followers behind-the-scenes peeks of your Easter prep. This could be decoration of your premises, creating Easter-themed products, or setting up promotions.
    • Think about sharing images from Easter events. These could be church services, egg hunts, community events, or team participation. It helps humanize your brand.
    • Consider these hashtags: #eastersunday, #eastercelebration, #easterjoy, #eastereggs, #easterbunny, #happyeaster.

Create Engaging Content

Boost your small business by using national days in your content creation. Here’s how:

1. Match your content with the theme of the day. Use fun graphics, engaging stories, special events, or special offers.

2. Include content from your followers. Ask them to share their thoughts or stories about the day. This builds community.

3. Add interactive elements like polls, quizzes, or challenges. This encourages audience participation and strengthens relationships with your customers.

These tips help small businesses create eye-catching content that starts conversations and boosts social media engagement.

Maximizing Reach and Impact

Another way to increase reach on national days is to use hashtags and trends wisely. This will boost your visibility and engagement. 

Think about using trending topics in your posts to naturally increase visibility and attract more people. 

Then consider teaming up with influencers and local businesses who can help broaden your reach. It can make your content seem more authentic while creating opportunities for cross-promotional opportunities for both of you.

To measure success, look at things like audience engagement, brand visibility, and sales. Also consider things like reach, impressions, clicks, and user participation are also useful.

By understanding what content works and what your audience likes, you can fine-tune your approach for the future. Whatever changes yo make, base them on data insights so you learn how to build stronger connections with your audience over time.


Utilizing national days for social media can effectively help businesses connect with their audience in innovative ways. By aligning content with these days, small businesses can join existing conversations and foster deeper relationships. 

Further, creating content for specific national days can significantly boost engagement. Incorporating user-generated content and interactive strategies can also drive more meaningful interactions. 

Lastly, measuring success through key metrics makes it easier to refine your strategy in the future.

Welcome to March!   Now is an great time for small businesses to plan their social media calendar, making engagement and brand awareness a priority.