Struggles Can Bring Out Our Best and Bring Us Together

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Has life taken it’s toll on you and your business the last few months?  Do you feel overwhelmed, stuck and exhausted trying to keep your business going?

You’re not alone.  Your struggle is real.   Yet our struggles can bring us together.

And yet there’s great news. 

As humans, we are made to work with each other.  We are wired to look out for each other and to help each other.  And when we do, we are more likely to get things done.

By ourselves we cannot lift heavy loads and by ourselves, we cannot solve complex problems.  But when we work together, we are remarkable.

If you’re struggling, you do not have to struggle alone.  If you have business problems that need to be solved, you do not have to solve them alone.

Our team of experts is ready and available to work with you at no cost.  We can work together to solve complex problems and be remarkable with you!One local business owner reached out to our team and had this to say:

“Thank you so much to such a great organization and an amazing community! This feels more like home than anything ever has, for I know my voice and needs are not just heard, but also fulfilled.”

If you haven’t felt pressure in your business, you may.

Some small businesses are going to feel the impact of the Virginia Minimum Wage increase that goes into effect May 1, 2021.

Minimum Wage will increase from $7.25 per hour to $9.50 per hour on May 1, 2021 then on Jan 1, 2022 it will increase to $11.00 per hour.  Wages will continue to increase until it reaches $15.00 per hour on Jan 1, 2026. 

Let’s make sure you’re prepared with a strategy in place.  Our team can help you prepare, at no cost to you.  We are funded by state and local Economic Development Centers, not by you the small business owner.

Together, we want to solve complex problems and be remarkable.  This is why we exist.  We’re here for you!