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Banking for Small Business

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“Banking for Small Business” will discuss banking products and services available to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, including business checking, merchant services, business loans and cash management services. This class also explains how to select the best banking products and services for their business. Guest instructors from the banking industry, Tommy Mutter and Billy Whirley.

At the end of the class, entrepreneurs will:
• Gain a solid understanding of the banking products and services available to small business owners
• Understand the importance of building effective long-term relationships with a banker or lender
• Recognize the role of a personal credit score in the lending process 


Business Insurance for Small Business



Every small business owner should review their policies once a year.  This class is for companies in all stages of business development, especially those who do not yet have insurance or find some insurance terms and concepts to be confusing. Special guest instructors from the Insurance field Brian Wilkins and Drew Forte.
In this class entrepreneurs will
–         Recognize the importance of small business insurance
–         Understand the full range of insurance products and services
–             Required coverage
–          Other coverage


Small Business Recordkeeping, Structure, & Taxes

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The class is intended for any small business owner that needs help keeping their company financially stable. The financial management training will introduce record-keeping techniques to help small business owners uncomplicate their lives. Topics covered will include financial statements and business terminology; cash flow management tips; and how to manage accounts receivable and accounts payable. A successful business rests on sound record-keeping practices and solid cash flow. Without good records it is impossible to determine the financial condition or profitability of a business. Special guest instructor CPA, Michael Callahan 

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