Small Business Success Stories

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Small business success stories is a way for our team to bring together small business owners who want to share stories around business themes.  Our hope is that stories will spark ideas, give courage and build confidence in small business owners.

Stories capture our attention.  Stories connect us more deeply with others.  And stories mark moments in time that we remember well into the future.

Each week we will gather on Zoom to share stories around particular topics.  Week 1 will be “Pivot”.  Week 2 will be “Customer Service”

Small business stories will be a judgement free zone so whether someone arrives with negative connotations or experiences with the topic or positive, we welcome every story.

Stories may be from our personal experiences or they may be one’s we’ve read or heard about.  Every story opens to us the possibility of learning.  Whether we learn what to do or what not to do, both are valuable to our journey in business.

As we listen to each other’s story, new ideas will be discovered. And when needed, our team will provide the coaching free of charge to help you act on those new ideas.

Whether it’s through listening to the story of others or sharing one of our own, small business stories is to be a place where small businesses come to spark new ideas, gain courage and build the confidence needed to move forward in business

We look forward to being with you in Small Business Stories.  Together, we will win!.