If It’s Free, There Must Be A Catch, Right?

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Small Business Consultants - There Must Be A Catch

Have you ever said it?  Have you heard others say it?

Many people say it all the time.   “If it’s FREE, there’s got to be a catch.”

Look, I know a ton of small business owners that say the very same thing. 

But does every small business owner who gets free, personalized business coaching fail to grow their business?  Of course not. 

Just ask Jon Henry, owner of Jon Henry General Store in New Market, VA.

Jon thought that because our services were free there had to be a catch. 

After a year of working with our Small Business Development Counselors free of charge, he has implemented new tools and processes into his business that have given him back his time, lowered his stress, and helped him stay more organized which is making him more money.

Jon says that after a year of working with our counselors for free he feels like he should be paying us money, but he isn’t because we are funded by local Economic Development Administrations, not small business owners.

Now you have a choice to make.

You can keep working hard to figure out what to do to grow your small business, or you can do what Jon Henry did.

Reach out to one of our experienced small business counselors who can partner with you to take away the stress of running your business alone. 

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