What to Look for in an Insurance Company

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When looking for insurance coverage for your small business, you should have a clear idea of just what your needs/requirements. Here are some recommendations:

Services Required

  • Provide evidence on the following insurance policies:
    • Home owners insurance rivers (for home-based businesses)
    • Key man insurance
    • General liability insurance
    • Property insurance
    • Surety Bonds (contractors)
    • Errors + Omissions
    • Directions and Officers
    • Insurance associated with succession planning
    • Any other insurance requirements

Qualifications Desired

  • Appropriate technical expertise on all insurance aspects affecting the business
  • An understanding of the needs of the business and a commitment to advise what needs to be done


Recognize that the activities, level of involvement that are required necessitate a substantial professional commitment on the part of the insurance firm/attorney. Understand that these services are not available at “bargain” prices; but be certain that the benefits receded are at least equal to or greater than the cost.


Obtain the names and phone numbers of at least these companies that are current clients.